Adeyemi loves dogs.  He knows great people who have great dogs and love their dogs.  But none quite like his godmother, Nadine.  She is the inspiration behind LESH Paw Prints.  She’s a dog owner and also fosters rescued dogs.  Very few days end without her using her social media pages to alert people to the plights of dogs in shelters.  She is a strong advocate for adoptions.  So, when she suggested LESH create dog clothing, LESH took inspiration from her.

LESH Paw Prints seeks to use strong messaging on our dog wear to promote kindness and thoughtfulness towards our canine friends. A percentage of sales from LESH Paw Prints will be given to organizations that support and nurture dogs. 

Adopt a dog.  Support your local rescue shelter.

Be a kind human. 

Let’s Elevate Some Hope!