Meet Adeyemi

Entrepreneur • Designer • Philanthropist

Adeyemi was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at an early age. His parents recall Adeyemi might have been just about the age of 8 when he began proposing his business ideas to them.  His mind never seemed to turn off.  His parents soon observed Adeyemi’s thoughtfulness was not just creative energy but also a passion for others.  Adeyemi was able to correlate his potential to help people with his plan to become a successful business owner.  Adeyemi’s inclination to pour his creative energy into entrepreneurship has been encouraged and nurtured by his village.  In 2019, Adeyemi entertained a couple of business ideas. After putting those ideas on the back burner, the world changed. The pandemic was rampant, as was sad news, fear and the stench of hopelessness. The shutdown, coupled with his love for fashion, and will to help others gave birth to this company.

LESH is purposed clothing! Its intent is to challenge you to think beyond yourself and consider others. LESH is committed to supporting worthy causes and to engaging world citizens in joining LESH on this journey.

So, Get LESH FRESH and Let’s Elevate Some Hope!   

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